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VR/AR App Distribution

The simplest way to test, manage, & deploy apps at scale.

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Google Daydream
Google Cardboard
Samsung Gear VR
Google Daydream/Cardboard, Samsung GearVR apps are supported!

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Simple Workflows

Drag and drop your VR app and then invite your team to get started.

Automated OSigs

Simple installation process for non-technical users.

Team Notifications

Keep your team and clients up to date with the latest builds.

Manage Permissions

Add or remove users to allow access to your VR apps.

Seamless Updates

Update your VR apps quickly and over-the-air without any headaches.

Analytics & Reporting

Get reports on your VR device activations and installations in real-time.

What our customers are saying

ConstructVR is considered one of the premiere solutions for GearVR distribution. We needed a client friendly way of managing multiple devices for a massive VR installation spanning across 4 different US cities and Construct had the easiest platform to leverage for less tech savvy clients."

Chris, Tool of NA
"We chose to use ConstructVR, as it fit our need for app distribution for a large number of private downloads. ConstructVR has created a unique and very important service, we have not witnessed anyone else who matches them as competition."

Samantha, Reel FX

Automated OSig Workflow

Working with clients, employees, testers, and teammates has never been simpler – just have your collaborators download the ConstructVR Android app on the Google Play Store to begin hassle-free sharing of your Gear VR apps.

We also securely automate the Oculus Signature process behind the scenes so you no longer have to.

From simplifying how you distribute your Gear VR apps to increasing your team productivity, ConstructVR helps you work faster and smarter than ever before.

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