Customer Interactions Made Simple

Engage with clients and customers in new ways

Grow Your Business

Virtual reality and augmented reality empowers you with the ability to engage clients and customers in a whole new way. A pitch deck just won't do it anymore. With ConstructVR, you can give your potential clients a VR experience that tells a powerful, exciting story about your products & services.

In addition to acquiring new clients and customers with our platform, you can strengthen relationships with existing clients and customers by simply involving them in your iterative process. When your team accomplishes milestones for your VR/AR project, you can always keep your clients in the loop with the latest versions.


For client directors, product managers & account executives

In a growing, Internet-connected world, people can check their social networks with a swipe of their mobile screen. This means that you're always competing for attention against Facebook, Twitter, SMS messages, and more. With virtual reality and augmented reality, you're able to immerse your clients and customers in a world where you have their full attention and you're able to communicate the value of your products and services effectively.

Use Cases
  • Proof of concepts
  • Sales demonstrations
  • Client status updates
  • Internal testing between product teams

For developers

Do you want to get more users for your upcoming VR/AR title? or how about quickly collecting feedback as you continue to iterate on making an immersive VR experience? With ConstructVR, you can invite communities (Reddit, developer forums, Slack, HipChat, HackerNews) to help you. If it's a public VR experience, all you have to do is send them the public link of your VR app on ConstructVR and they can easily install your VR experience. They can even provide feedback from within the ConstructVR android app.

Use Cases

  • Collecting feedback from beta users
  • Triaging software bugs
  • Providing status updates to teammates and management
  • Utilizing Continuous Integration

For brands & advertisers

As more VR/AR headsets get into the hands of consumers, advertisers will be able build stronger relationships between their brand and consumers.

Whether you're demonstrating your VR app at conferences or you're pitching new clients, ConstructVR makes it incredibly easy for you to distribute your VR/AR experiences.

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