Continuous Innovation

Collect Beta Feedback and Iterate On Your VR/AR Projects

Faster Feedback Loop

Collaboration with your team has never been simpler. From design reviews to client meetings, ConstructVR provides the tools necessary for you to accelerate your VR/AR workflows.

Simple, Fast Invitation Workflow

CSV Import

"Sharing has never been easier! You can mass invite prospects, teammates, and clients to install your VR app by uploading a CSV file full of email addresses. From there, they will be able to directly provide feedback for your app within the ConstructVR Android app.

Invite your team via your mobile address book

We've simplified how you can easily share VR apps within the workplace. You can access your address book on your mobile phone and invite your team directly from the Android app. Once you've invited several clients, customers, or teammates from your mobile address book, they will receive an email saying you've invited them to install your VR app.

Centralized Feedback Dashboard

ConstructVR provides you with a centralized place to store all your VR project feedback from your employees, clients, customers, and teammates. A place to rapidly improve your VR apps!