Your Brand. Your App Store. Your Ecosystem.

Advance Your Brand With An Enterprise VR/AR App Store

Advance Your Own VR Content Ecosystem

In this Age of the Customer, we have limited opportunities to control the customer experience, so each interaction has to be made to count.

The first step to customer loyalty is brand awareness. Without it, customers are forced to choose products based on price and features alone.

ConstructVR is a trusted platform for large enterprises that need a reliable partner to help them turn their vision into reality. Our white label app store grants you the ability to improve brand recognition by seamlessly blending your brand identity into your app store. Best of all, we ensure the secure provisioning and management of your apps without burdening your IT department.

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Take Control of Your Customer Journey

To supplement the branded experience your customers experience, our secure dashboard offers advanced management capabilities to your admins for every stage of the app lifecycle. Even non-technical admins can manage user account permissions for apps without involving your IT or software departments. Once an app is shared with a client, he/she can access, download and install your virtual or augmented reality apps for as long as you allow them access. The end result is a seamless experience for the user and admin while significantly minimizing the cost of building and maintaining app deployment software.

Why Trust ConstructVR

Striving for excellence, we offer exceptional platform services, with customizations based on your company’s specific needs and targets. With a white label app store from ConstructVR, you enjoy:

  • Secure hosting of your custom-branded VR/AR apps
  • Customizable app store content
  • Secure and controlled distribution of proprietary apps
  • Predetermined, controlled distribution of mobile VR applications based on different criteria (employee posts, device types etc.)
  • Significant time reduction on device provisioning
  • Custom access to specific groups
  • 24/7 Customer Support