Run Gear VR Apps Shared With You

ConstructVR makes it incredibly easy for anyone to download and install Gear VR apps that have been shared with him/her. Follow the steps below to run apps that developers have shared with you.


  1. A Gear VR enabled device.
  2. Install our ConstructVR android app on your android device.

    ConstructVR android app on the Play Store

  3. Allow apps from unknown sources.
    • On your Gear VR device, go to "Settings" > "Lock screen and security".
    • Ensure "Unknown sources" is enabled.

    Enable Unknown Sources screen on Android Device

Installing a shared Gear VR app

  1. Remove previous versions of the app you've installed outside of ConstructVR (hold the icon, drag to the trash can).
    • Note: not doing this will result in an "Application Not Installed" error.
  2. Open the ConstructVR app and log in/create an account.
    • Note: use the email address that the developer invited you with.

    Signup screen on ConstructVR android app

  3. On the Apps list, select the app you'd like to install.
    • Note: If you don't see the app, pull down to refresh the list.

    App list screen on the ConstructVR android app

  4. Select "Accept Invite".

    App details screen on the ConstructVR android app

  5. Select "Install" within our app.

    Installation screen on the ConstructVR android app

  6. Select "Install" on android's install application screen.

    App install screen in an android dialog.

  7. Select "Open" on android's "App installed." screen.

    App installed screen on the ConstructVR android app.

  8. Insert device into your Gear VR.

    Insert your device into your Gear VR