Note: "osig" is short for Oculus Signature.

ConstructVR enables continuous delivery for VR and allows teams to quickly share Gear VR apps securely (over the air). Developers can easily share apps with non-technical people (e.g. employees, clients, managers, etc.) and organize collaborators by usernames or email addresses (instead of device IDs or osig filenames).

When sharing your VR and AR apps, ConstructVR enables developers to control which users can access your private apps and managers to view app reports without burdening your IT or development teams.

When sharing your Gear VR apps, when your downloader logs in or signs up with our android app, their device ID is automatically procured and sent to Oculus to generate an osig. ConstructVR securely stores this device osig and associates it to the downloader's ConstructVR account (which allows the downloaders's device to play the developer's app).

The ConstructVR website is a portal for developers to manage their Gear VR apps. From here, developers can easily integrate with third party tools, invite teammates to try their app, view app reports and update their app continuously. To get started sharing your apps, check out our developer guide.

The ConstructVR app is a hassle-free portal for your employees/teammates to download and install VR & AR apps that you've shared with them. To get started downloading apps, check out our downloader guide.

In order to prevent unwanted users from gaining access to your osig(s), you must press the "Allow Access" button to allow an android app to have access to your osig(s).

Pressing the "Build" button unpacks the app (i.e. the apk that the developer originally uploaded on our servers), adds your osig(s) then rebuilds the app for you to download. This is a Gear VR requirement to enable apps outside of the Oculus store to run on your device.

We're proud supporters of the Open Source community so ConstructVR is free for public facing applications.

For private apps, check our subscriptions page or message us on our chat.

No. Only the osigs in the original apk plus the downloader's osig(s) will be included in a downloader's "build".

While on a subscription, apps you upload are private by default (unless you've gone over your maximum number of private apps). For private apps, only you and users you invite are able to view the app. If you'd like to share some of your apps publicly, toggle the privacy option in your dashboard for each app you want to make public.

While on the free plan, all of your apps are public by default.

Once a collaborator is removed from an app, he/she will no longer be able to download or see future versions of your app on ConstructVR.

To see your maximum upload size, view our subscriptions page.

To see your maximum number of private apps, check our subscriptions page.

To integrate with a CI tool like Jenkins and CircleCI, follow these steps:

  1. go to your dashboard
  2. if you haven't already, upload an app
  3. click the "Actions" dropdown for the app you'd like to set up with CI
  4. click "Integrations" on the dropdown selection menu
  5. follow the instructions on the page

If you'd like a demo or need help getting set up, message us on our chat or send us a request.

If you'd like access to this feature, message us on our chat or send us a request.

The "Application Not Installed" error appears when you've installed the app onto a device without using ConstructVR, then using ConstructVR to install an app with the same package name.

To fix this error, remove previous versions of the app (hold the icon, drag to the trash can) then install the app using ConstructVR.

Feel free to reach out to us 24/7 by chat, email or phone (1-360-627-1278) if you have any questions. We're here to help!

We're always here to support you via chat (bottom right chat bubble), email, phone (1-360-627-1278) or Twitter.